Reptilianne Budget Deck

I made a Reptilianne build that I might take tomorrow for tourney, I will replace with mirror force, etc once I stripp my blackwing deck :

Chaos Reptiles

Chaos Sorcerer x2
Evil Dragon Ananta
Card Trooper
The Dark Creator x2
Worm Apocalypse x2
Reptilianne Naga x2
Vennominon King of Poisonous Snakes x2
Reptilianna Scylla x3 (My Goyos)
Reptilianne Viper x2
Reptilianne Medusa x2
Reptilianne Gardna x2
Reptilianne Vaskii
Worm Hope

Dark Hole
Mind Control
Nobleman of Crossout
Book of Moon
Monster REborn
Giant Trunade
Snake Rain x3 (sets up for sorc and dark creator)

Offering to the Snake Deity x2
Torriential Tribute
Compulsory Evacuation Device x2
Divine Wrath
Trap Hole
Trap Stun

I know you guys can careless but I feel bad about not posting for such a long time... I had to get my college stuff ready but I FINALLY got into college so... good luck for all you yugi players still and school and for all you yugi players that have or not have jobs that you'll get one soon!

Anyways... this deck is ok atm because it helps deal with any situtation in the game... the only bad side is that it keeps getting killed by decks that pierce... I don't know if i should add waboku or not but yea... comment if you want... most importantly help me improve it... it doesnt mean to tell me to add warnings, judgment, pot of duality... no friggn duh i need to add it... i'll do that when I get to spend your money


  1. If you're having trouble against pierce, a better card to add in instead of waboku would be scrap-iron scarecrow.


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