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TCG Banlist, Pendulum (Link) Magicians

Hi all, short post today. Just wanted to share my list for Pendulum Magicians that got me 4-0 today at locals putting me in first place. Went against Zoodiac True Draco, Metalfoes Gouki, Felgrand, and random deck.

Dragonpulse Magician x3
Oafdragon Magician
Wisdom-Eye Magician x3
Harmonizing Magician x3
Double Iris Magician x3
Black Fang Magician x2
Violet Poison Magician x2
Astrograph Sorcerer x3
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker x3
Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer x3
Performapal Lizardraw
Performapal Guitartle
Performapal Odd-eyes Synchron
Rescue Rabbit
Maxx "C"
Blackwing-- Gofu the Vague Shadow  x3
Performage Trick Clown
Gem-Knight Garnet

Brilliant Fusion x3
Duelist Alliance x3
Pendulum Call
Star Pendulumgraph

Time Pendulumgraph

Link Spider x2
Missus Radiant
Ib, the World Chalice Priestess
Gaia Saber, the Lighting Shadow
Decode Talker
Firewall Dragon
Topologic Bomber Dragon

Supreme King Dragon Starving Venom
Gem-Knight Seraphinite

Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing
Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons


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