Blackwings New Techs + Post 2017 June Format (TCG) Ideas

I am happy about the upcoming format because Norden is finally banned and Terrortop is at 1. Basically, it means decks are no longer -- pick a core set of cards and add spam engines to it. That being said,  I still think True Dracos and Zoodiacs are the decks to beat. My update to my deck past June would be to take out Norden, Emeral, and Instant Fusion to add Maxx C and another Raikiri and Chidori.

I am using some interesting techs this time around. Because we main deck Imperial Order and 3 Black Whirlwinds, main decking Master Peace is a strong tech. You can make Master Peace extremely resistant and get rid of Imperial Order when it is hindering your plays.

The ability to attack over your opponent's monsters is crucial because you want to be able to run over your opponent's Master Peace. Using Chidori's and Onimaru is a must this format because it gives you insane amount of attack power to run over True Dracos, Dinosaurs, and True Kings.

I play tested this against Odd-Eyes Pendulum Magicians which is supposed to be the deck of next format in the June 2017 banlist and you can easily run them over with a side of Droll & Lock Bird, Ash Blossom, and Imperial Order. You don't need to stop their searches with Sky Iris, Duelist Alliance or Terraforming. Once you hit Wisdom-Eye or Pendulum Call, you basically minus them hard and force suboptimal plays. 

Blackwing's ability to naturally swarm without triggering a mass loss of resources (such as Solemn Warning a pendulum of 5 monsters) is crucial to being able to play out bad fields. The addition of Icarus Attack, Cosmic Cyclone (as a side), and other traps gives it playability and the ability to slow or speed up the tempo of a game. 

Steam is a great out to Drident because you can normal summon it, chain Icarus to Drident's destruction, destroy 2, special summon a token and continue your special summons. 

I think Blackwings will be a great competitors to the other TCG meta-kings until Link Format comes in July. However, I will probably be building out an Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon + Supreme King Z-Arc deck for post Link Format in the TCG. 


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